American Muscle

American Muscle Sports Nutrition Company is a Texas based LLC, whose primary purpose is to revolutionise the nutritional industry through multiple channels of influence.

Product quality, purity, and potency (QP2) define our innovative approach to sports nutrition, and each bottle of American Muscle achieves our commitment to QP2.  Each retail store is guaranteed to have the best price, best packaging, and best customer service from American Muscle, because it all starts with us.  We ensure that the consumer experiences fair pricing for the most advanced nutritional supplements ever created by protecting the distribution channels that other companies just don't expend the energy or time on.  We are different, and our differences shine through the smog and clutter of out-dated, me-too products you see everyday on the Internet.  Our decade long experience in the supplement industry has left us full of wisdom.  We invite you to try American Muscle, and ask that you make it a critical part of your training regimen.  American Muscle Sports Nutrition is your catalyst in achieving the perfect body.  The American Muscle way can be seen in our formulas, packaging, and distribution efforts with our retail partners to deliver the most comprehensive line of sports nutrition this decade!!!

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American Muscle Isolyn
American Muscle Life Line Chews

American Muscle Life Line Chews

Vitamins and Minerals combined with specific-condition targeted herbs, yields the essential nutrient..


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