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Inner Armour Test Pump

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Inner Armour TestPUMP - Testsosterone builds rock-hard muscle in record time. The more your body makes, the bigger and stronger you get. Period. But did you know that your testosterone levels will drop when you're working out? Minute by minute, set by set, testosterone levels decrease and anabolism grinds to a stop.

But thanks to the researchers at Inner Armour, you can now defend your test levels and prep for battle with Inner Armour TestPUMP - the worlds 1st Pre-workout powder that increases testosterone! In fact, in a clinical study, test subjects taking just one if the ingredients in TestPUMP increased testosterone by up to 42% in just 12 days! But to give you the best work out of your entire life, each serving is packed with over 20 clinically tested ingredients to give you: whole-body muscle pumps, increased strength, power and dramatic improvements in your recovery between sets.

But if that's not got you more than jacked, TestPUMP also helps block the formation of estrogen in your body! When test levels are up and estrogen's down, you've got the prefect anabolic environment for cell swelling, record breaking, jaw dropping muscle growth! Down this anabolic fuel 30 minutes before your next workout and you'll know exactly why it's becoming the hottest selling pre-workout powder in the country. Once you train with TestPUMP, you'll never train without it.